Every Picture Tells a Story

Why does love have to be so complicated

A few days ago I received an email from a reader who wanted to know if I choose my book covers before I write the novel, or once it is finished.

The question spoke to me, and I thought there might be other readers interested in the answer.

Here’s the not very straight forward, slightly convoluted response. LOL

Most of my books have been completely written, edited, sent to beta readers and re-edited, before I venture into the world of the great wide web, to start browsing through hundreds of awesome ebook covers available out there. And when I say hundreds, there are actually thousands.

Shall I have fish and chips for dinner or ?

I have been known to spend way too much time clicking through hundreds of images, looking for the one that speaks to me. I figure if it attracts my attention, it should attract that of my readers.

Lately however, I’ve started to look at ebook covers without a specific story in mind. Fantasy are particularly dangerous for me, since I love a lot of the covers I come across. I nearly bought a set of three Fantasy ebooks covers for a series of three books the other day.

The particular designer even sold them with a ready to go title. I must resist, I must resist, I must resist!

They were, are gorgeous covers. But I stay realistic. If I buy three ebook covers, I’ll have to write three ebooks. It’s not as if I can hang them on the wall above my desk to display. Okay, I could, but I shouldn’t.

And since I don’t have current story ideas for one let alone three fantasy books, I must resist.

Phew! I resisted.

With my current book (Book 2 Love by Contract) I actually started looking for the right cover as I’m still writing. Luckily it didn’t take me long, and I have to say I’m pleased with the draft of it.

And as I’m finishing Book 2 of the Legal Romance Series Luscious Justice, and starting to plan Book 3, I’m actively looking for the next ebook cover already.

Confession: there are a couple of covers sitting on my laptop, waiting for a story to go with them. Please don’t tell anyone else.

Well, better get back to writing so I can finish Book 2 Love by Contract and then can start Book 3 (or give thought to those fantasy books?).

Happy reading my little Vixens, and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date on release dates, free short stories, and other little bits and pieces.


PS. enjoy my last image of the post.

Don’t forget to check out Luscious Justice (Legal Romance) Book 1 Love by Agreement.


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