Creating Story from Real Life Event

Picture this.

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and we all decided to head to the beach for a bit of a splash in the water.

I’ve got kids, the dog, and body boards.

My husband is talking to our friend, and I’m walking out to slightly deeper water with kids, body boards, and dog.

I’ve done this plenty of times before. Everyone was in a good mood.

Next minute I feel an incredible sharp pain in my ankle, and I retreat quickly, knowing something just got me. Trouble is I’ve got no idea what.

I glance around but can’t see anything, and am in too much pain to hang around in case there’s another attack.

My husband is a long way from us, and I try to get his attention, calling something like “come quickly I’ve been gotten by something, I’m going to die.” Okay maybe I didn’t yell I’m going to die, but you get the picture.

Said husband merely waves back at me, later telling me he thought I was just waving at him.

The kids were probably having a nervous breakdown, since all they could hear is me yelling hysterically and see the trail of blood I was leaving in the water.

It was very painful.

And then it occurred to me. What if it was a sting ray? Don’t those things inject toxins into your body? I mean Steve Irwin died.

By now my husband realizes something wrong. And I tell him I need to go to hospital.

Luckily we brought a friend, and as she coming back from the car with sunscreen lotion, I tell her I’ve got to go to hospital.

On the way she tells me something reassuring about a white sea cucumber that if it stings you can kill you. Just what I want to hear.

Ten minutes later I’m in the emergency of the hospital, leaving a pool of blood in teh waiting room, as i wait to be attended to.

Eventually, I’m about ready to pass out from the pain, the triage nurse comes to sit me down, puts my leg in very hot water and the pain reduces.

Apparently hot water neutralizes the toxin of the sting ray.

I kept bleeding for a few more hours.

Now, a few days later, I’ve got a very swollen and bruised ankle. But I’ve got a great scene for a romance novel.

Picture the damsel in distress, the hot surfer that comes running to pick her up (unlike the slow husband), and carry her to the beach, where he could put the foot against his hot body. Or he’s got a little fire going with hot water at the ready, and be her hero.

What do you think?

I think it has potential.

I can assure you, up until my own experience with a sting ray, I would not have thought about such a scene, but it’s growing on me. I think it has potential.

Meanwhile, I’m busy writing Luscious Justice (Legal Romance) Book 4 Protecting Her and hope to have it published by the end of next week.

Well, better get back to it.

Take care my little vixens, and stay safe if you decide to venture into the great outdoors.

Such a beautiful creature, with such a painful sting/slash

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