3 Practical Tips to keep you sane during ‘lockdown’

Okay, so in a lot of places restrictions are easing, people are moving around again, but the overall message remains to stay safe, and if possible, stay home.

There’ll be plenty of people reluctant to go out.

And, of course we’re all in different stages at returning to a ‘normal life,’ whatever normal is.

So, to help you cope with the current situation, I thought I’d share 3 things you could try to do, to ease the situation.

Of course, it goes without saying that if all else fails you turn to a book. What am I saying? One book. You turn to as many books as you like.

It can be any book…

But, if you’re a bit over reading, or just need a bit of variety, here’re my top 3 things:

  1. Practice your cooking skills. Get your loved one involved. Use the time you have on your hand to find recipes you’ve not tried before. And then, cook the dish. You could aim for one new dish a week, or two a week, or if you’re really ambitious, a new meal every night.
Making home made pizza has to be a favorite

2. Have a special date night (sorry, this only works if you’re partnered, or have a pet, or a special teddy who could be your date). Okay, so we can’t go out. Sit in a cafe or restaurant to enjoy time together with your loved on. Create your own special cafe. If you’ve got a good restaurant doing take away, go for it. Find a place in your home, or outside, you can turn into a ‘special eating place,’ get decorating and then order the food. Don’t forget, you’ve got to get dressed up, and take plenty of photos. If you’re the social media type, make sure you share them. Give your ‘pretend restaurant’ a special name. Make a sign announcing its location. Make a menu. You’re really only limited by your imagination here. The success will depend on you.

Find a special location to have your date night

3. Find a new skill to learn. There are so many people, organisations and sites offering courses in many different things, the world is your oyster. Since we’re not spending as much time in cars or on public transport, there’s more time in the day to do other things. What is it you’d like to try? Do you want to write a book? Learn how to draw, or play an instrument? Again, you’re only limited here by yourself. I got a harmonica for Christmas, and as of the start of the lockdown I’d not taken advantage of the free 30 day course it offered along with the purchase. Well, the other day I joined up, and now I’m seven days into learning how to play the harmonica (no, I’m not ready to share a sample of my playing yet.) There are photography courses, and many more. Go on. Find something to try out. What have you go to loose?

Try something new

Okay. So that’s this week’s tips of 3 things to try while in lockdown. Next week, I’ll give you three more.

Feel free to drop me a line, or leave a comment on things you’ve done to keep yourself occupied during lockdown.

Better get back to writing. I’ve got my next steamy romance nearly finished. One chapter to go, then an edit before being published.

I’ve just plotted another sweet horse romance, and am still writing the Magic Academy for the Middle Aged book. I have to say, it makes me laugh out loud. If you’ve missed it, I’ve been publishing chapters for free on my blog. So far there’s chapter 1 and 2 available.

Stay tuned for more.

Tschau for now.

Stay home. Stay safe.

We each have our own mountain to climb during these unusual times, remember there are many ways up the one mountain.

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