It’s available

Less than the seventy two hours Amazon tells you it can take to publish the book, it’s available.

It’s always a great feeling to see a new book available for purchase (or in the kindle unlimited library), on Amazon, or an platform.

The hardest part about writing, publishing and marketing, is writing the book blurbs. I spent a considerable amount of time writing the little blurb for this little gem, only to discover this morning, I don’t really like it.

Here is my amended version as the start another day of writing. My aim is to bring out Luscious Justice (Legal Romance) Book 2 Love by Contract in three weeks. I was going to say two, but since there are other writing projects waiting to be finished as well, three weeks is more realistic.

A woman who doesn’t trust love. A man who doesn’t trust himself.

Sofia is a successful lawyer at Beta Legal. Brad is a good client of the firm. So far, their paths have never crossed.

But that is about to change.

A chance encounter where Brad showers Sofia in red wine, leads to coffee, dinner, and an agreement for Brad to be the pretend boyfriend of Sofia’s at a work function.

No strings attached. Sounds simple and uncomplicated doesn’t it?

But life is never simple.

Sofia has a crazy ex boyfriend making life difficult for her and Brad has a sister who is the black sheep of the family, a sister he doesn’t feel he can talk about to anyone, let alone Sofia.

When Sofia’s apartment building burns down, and Brad’s sister starts making unrealistic demands, life gets even more complicated.

Love by Agreement is the first stand alone book in the new legal romance series Luscious Justice. If you love sassy, sexy, and smart heroines, as well as hot alpha males, you’ll be sure to love this steamy romance.

HEA ending guaranteed.

Well, my lovely Vixens, better love you and leave you to write some more before eveyrone wakes up and makes demands on my time, demands that take me away from writing.

Take care and enjoy your Sunday – remember it’s Funday Sunday 🙂

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