A New Sweet Romance

It’s about time I start another blog, since it’s been a few weeks that I’ve turned my attention to the website.

I know it’s frustrating, when you visit the website only to find that the person running it, isn’t maintaining it. People visit the website to look for updates, information and tidbits, only ro find it’s exactly the same as the last time they came.


In my defense I’ve been very busy writing the Luscious Justice Legal romance series, as well as turning my hand to sweet romance. I’m pleased to let you guys know that the sweet romance A Dream Come True, is about to be available to read for free on kindle unlimited, or for purchase on Amazon.

It’s been rather fun doing something a little bit different, namely a sweet romance.

If you’re wondering what the difference is, the difference is there is no actual description of what the characters get up to once they take their clothes off. It is totally left up to the imagination of the reader, and makes a nice change from writing in detail what happens.

The other fun thing about this particular sweet romance has been that I’ve decided to set it amongst horses. Horses are animals I absolutely love, and there’s nothing better than sitting atop the back of a horse galloping along the beach at full speed.

Okay maybe I’m exaggerating a little. There are other things that are really good, but riding a horse is one of my favourite things to do.

It’s also allowed me to pay tribute to some of the horses I’ve owned, that unfortunately are no longer with us, either due to old age or severe injuries that resulted in the poor animal needing to be put down. Some of the names have been taken from real life horses I’ve either known or have owned.

I hope you guys enjoy A Dream Come True and will delve into more sweet romance as I write and publish them.

I quite enjoy the horse scene, and I’m thinking of doing the next one in the showjumping world.

As ever, if you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback, just drop me an email, I do love to hear from my readers.

But I better get back to editing and publishing that romance novel for you guys to read.

Love to you all and see you soon.

Available for pre order now.


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