Another week goes by

Is it just me or do the weeks seem shorter to anyone else?

Maybe it’s because we’re all stuck at home with every member of the household present, which means no matter how hard I try, I never get as much writing done.

The plan had been to be up around 20 chapters for my next novel – Going Down – An Enemies to Lovers Romance, but I’m only at chapter 13, hopefully chapter 15 by the end of the day.

Here’s a sneak peak at the potential cover image:

Anyway, I did manage to type out another Erotic Short Story, which is right now sitting in the Amazon Review queue, waiting to be approved for publishing.

With any luck, it’ll get approved before the end of the week, meaning I’m keeping up with my attempt at publishing one of those at least weekly, if not two a week.

I know there are many negatives to the virus (Covid 19), but, on a positive note, it is great that we’re still able to access books. Imagine a world without books.

Having trouble doing that? I do.

Looking ahead, I hope to have ‘Going Down’, published by the end of next week, ready to start another steamy romance novel.

I’ve been toying with the idea of a Middle Age Academy Book – the premise a forty something divorcee finds out her magical powers are real – and she’s invited to attend a Magic Academy for like minded people.

Instead of all young people learning to control their magic abilities, it’s middle aged men and women, a lot of them just getting over a divorce.

There seems to be a bit of interest out there.

Maybe a way to test the waters is to publish some chapters on here? Or you could drop me a line what you’re thoughts about it are.

I know there are people who like reading those sorts of books, and then there are those who don’t. A bit like you’re either a dog person or a cat person.

Why write such a book?
It would be a way of highlighting that not all divorced women succumb to depression, and anxiety and fear of the future, but are able to take control of their own life, and even make something of themselves.

I also like the idea of creating spells to cast onto their ex (this could go either way, a spell against the ex wife or ex husband).

Let’s see where a plot outline takes me, and maybe I’ll share some of it over the next few weeks for feedback.

Well, better write those chapters, since they won’t write themselves by magic. Wouldn’t that be fun, if you had a magic keyboard (now there’s more of an idea for the novel).

Stay safe my dears. Stay at home if you can.

Tschau for now.

Vintage witch pot with blue and green smoke for Halloween

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